Rhythm and energy are the forces that move and drive the world. Our world at Jauch is particularly influenced by these impulses. Frequency control products and battery solutions determine our everyday life and give us rhythm and energy every day. Above all, our employees are the factors which make Jauch a very special company.

In our blog we will take you on a journey through our products, employees and the Jauch corporate culture to give you exciting insights behind the scenes of the Jauch Group. We look forward to sharing with you!

Christian Büchler, Head of Technical Support at Jauch Quartz Germany

Basic tone crystals with high frequencies are in great demand, especially for wireless applications in the Internet of Things industry. More and more often we find devices communicating with each other and exchanging data via radio, for example via Bluetooth, ZigBee or ISM. All these radio standards use frequency bands in the three-digit megahertz or

Sized at just a few millimeters, quartz crystals are probably ranked highest among the inconspicuous electrical components. Although hardly any electronic application could operate without these components, even engineers often see them as a minuscule detail. However, Jauch’s support of the “GreenTeam” at the University of Stuttgart demonstrates the importance of quartz crystals in the

Sonja Jäckle, Leiterin der Jauch-Personalabteilung

Family, international, competent, secure and active – these five values are the central guidelines for our work at Jauch. They shape our entrepreneurial thinking and actions as well as our dealings with one another. In the video below, Sonja Jäckle, Head of the Jauch Human Resources Department, explains how the Jauch values play out in

Steffen Fritz and Daniel Panzini present the Future Champion-signet

Jauch, a global market leader? This is still a distant goal, but the potential is there! At least that’s what Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller says. Müller teaches at the HBM Entrepreneurs School at the University of St. Gallen and is an expert for global market leaders among medium-sized companies. In cooperation with the German economic

Patrick Nicosia standing in front of Jauch's blistermachine for button cells

The only brand-independent blister machine for lithium button cells in Europe is located in Villingen-Schwenningen. More precisely, in the underground level of the Jauch Headquarters. “This machine was specially designed and customized for our requirements. You cannot find anything comparable in Europe,” explains Patrick Nicosia, Production Manager at Jauch, proudly pointing to the cross-shaped machine.

Christian Büchler, Head of Technical Support at Jauch Quartz.

The Tuning fork crystal as is used in watches is something like the “classic” among the quartz crystals. Its frequency is always exactly 32,768 Hertz. But why this value? This question stands at the beginning of our new series “Ask the Engineer”, in which we shed light on the technical background of our frequency control

Ein Herz, eine Weltkugel, ein Kopf, ein Schloss und ein Schuh symbolisieren die fünf Unternehmeswerte von Jauch

Since October 2018 the hashtag #WeAreJauch has accompanied every social media post, but what exactly does it mean? For us, #WeAreJAuch is not just a slogan. This is the embodiment of our five corporate values; defining attitudes with our customers, our partners and each other. We are Family The most important characteristic of a family

Andreas Nann und die Mitarbeiter der neuen Jauch-Niederlassung in Mexiko

A new subsidiary has been founded in the industrial area of Guadalajara in the heart of Mexico’s Silicon Valley. The first office was opened in March 2017 and the benefits of growth were immediate. The Latin American support boosted Jauch’s popularity and brought new opportunities to the table. Mexico is home to some of the

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Christmas donation 2018

As 2018 ends, we look back with gratitude on another successful year at Jauch. During this time, we consider others who are not as fortunate. A few years ago, Jauch Quartz GmbH took the initiative to donate money instead of providing corporate Christmas presents to employees at Jauch. Since then, Jauch has consciously chosen non-profit

The United States of America is one of the largest economies experiencing growth and worldwide influence. It was no surprise that Jauch Quartz GmbH chose to establish its first subsidiary in central Florida in 2002. Shortly thereafter, the small office transitioned into a recognized business with Headquarters in Seattle, WA and sales offices around the

Picture a building with room enough for extensive battery testing capabilities, expansive warehousing, rows of sales desks and commanding meeting rooms. Now, imagine knowledgeable staff to fill each position in such a place. Congratulations- you have taken a mental tour of the bespoke Jauch building located in Frimley, Surrey, United Kingdom. United Kingdom’s largest export

Paris – the heart of France and one of Europe’s metropolises. Jauch recognized early on, the importance of having a contact person for customers and business partners in France. Starting in 1991, a representative office was founded in Paris to serve the French market for Jauch, at that time exclusively for frequency control components. Jauch

1954 was the founding year of the Jauch company in Villingen-Schwenningen, located on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. At that time, the company supplied components to the Black Forest watch industry. From this business, frequency control products developed and in the subsequent years, battery solutions. In 1954, all employees worked from a

Jauch Gruppenbild electronica 2018

The biggest electronica of all time took place last week in Munich. The world’s leading trade fair for electronics attracted 80,000 visitors, more than ten percent increase compared to the last show in 2016! Visitors from 80 countries used the four days of the fair to exchange ideas with more than 3,100 exhibitors in 17

From the apprenticeship right to the management level. Matthias Gebert (24 years of age) has now managed this career jump at Jauch in Villingen-Schwenningen. After his training as a specialist in warehouse logistics, Matthias Gebert assumes responsibility as Deputy Warehouse Manager. He therefore shares responsibility for one of the largest warehouses for frequency control products

Jauch Trade Fairs Autumn 2018

Three months, eight trade shows, six countries – that’s how you could summarize autumn 2018 at Jauch. From America, across Europe to Asia, the Jauch Group is represented at around 20 exhibitions every year; most taking place in spring and fall. “Trade fairs are an important part of our marketing and sales activities. The trade




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