Customer Success Story: Deeper’s Smart Fish Finder

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Man with fishing pole in the harbour

Fishing is one of the most relaxed hobbies you can imagine. Just cast out your line and hope a fish will take the hook. Sometimes however, the angler’s patience is not rewarded and he has to return home without having caught anything. If you want to avoid this disappointment and don’t want to rely on your lucky “gut feeling” alone when fishing, the fish finder “Deeper” is just the thing for you.

The device, developed by a Lithuanian start-up also named Deeper, is a mini echosounder designed to detect fish. Dipped into the water, “Deeper” uses sonar waves to provide information about the water temperature, the composition of the soil and, of course, the population of fish in the water. The device transmits the collected data via WiFi connection to the user’s smartphone. This is where Jauch technology comes in.

Wireless Data Transmission Thanks to High Precision Quartz Crystals

Man with a "deeper" fish finder and a fishing pole stands on a jetty
Make a good catch! The Deeper Fishfinder gives anglers an additional sense of achievement. (Picture: Deeper)

The communication of two devices via radio waves is a prime example for the use of quartz crystals. Precision is of particular importance here, as smooth data transfer only happens if the transmitter and receiver (in this case fish finder and smartphone) communicate with each other via radio waves on the exact same frequency. With a maximum frequency deviation of 10 ppm (parts per million) at room temperature, Jauch quartz crystals offer the maximum accuracy. This is why these parts are in high demand in numerous wireless applications, including the “Deeper”. Thanks to its small size of only 3.2 x 2.5 millimeters, it was simple to design this part into the electronics of the fish finder.

Deeper has been using Jauch quartz crystals since 2013. “It is not only the precision of our crystals that enabled us to win Deeper as a customer,” recalls Steffen Fritz, Director of the Jauch Frequency Division. “The professional and active support we were able to offer through our local distribution partner Elgerta were a decisive factor. Besides, further technical questions and subtleties can be handled by our technology center at our headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen.”

Customer Specific Development

The cooperation between Jauch and Deeper is not only a success story about quartz crystals. Since 2018, Deeper has also relied on Jauch expertise for their power supply. “Deeper wanted to offer the fish finder with a quick charge function, but this was not possible with the previous battery solution. That’s why they asked us,” says Viktor Sichwardt, Technical Sales Manager at Jauch.

"Deeper" Fish Finder is dipped into icy water
No overheating despite waterproof housing – the “Deeper” makes special demands on the inventiveness of Jauch developers. (Picture: Deeper)

The ideal lithium polymer battery size required for the compact housing of the “Deeper” was quickly found, but an obstacle arose. “Because the fish finder is used in water, its housing is hermetically sealed. This prevents moisture from penetrating the case, but it also means that the heat generated when the battery is quickly charged cannot dissipate to the outside,” explains Sichwardt. He continues, “As a result, the temperature of the battery cell rises rapidly. If a certain value is exceeded, the protective electronics of the battery cell interrupt the charging process in order not to endanger the safety of the cell. Our problem was the interruption of the charging process before the battery was fully charged due to the high heat generation.”

It was not easy to solve this problem. The Jauch development team worked for months, testing different designs at the in-house test center at the headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. The battery was tested with different current profiles at different temperatures to find the perfect design. “At the end of the development, we were able to offer Deeper a battery solution that can be charged 50% faster than its predecessor,” Sichwardt says proudly.

Global Certification and Support

In addition to development, Jauch also handled the necessary battery certifications. In the case of the “Deeper”, this involved an IEC certification as well as additional country-specific certifications required for sales in for example Japan, South Korea or the USA.

High precision quartz crystals and an individually developed battery solution – the “Deeper” is a prime example of Jauch’s core competencies.

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