Sortiment der Lithium-Polymer-Batterien von Jauch

One thing is for sure: lithium battery technology is currently leading the way in the field of mobile power supply. Just look in your pocket: There is no smartphone that is not powered by a lithium polymer battery. Since the Swedish mobile phone provider Ericsson launched the first mobile phone with a lithium polymer battery

Patrick Nicosia standing in front of Jauch's blistermachine for button cells

The only brand-independent blister machine for lithium button cells in Europe is located in Villingen-Schwenningen. More precisely, in the underground level of the Jauch Headquarters. “This machine was specially designed and customized for our requirements. You cannot find anything comparable in Europe,” explains Patrick Nicosia, Production Manager at Jauch, proudly pointing to the cross-shaped machine.

Grüner Frosch vor weißem Hintergrund

How It All Began: The Voltaic Pile

In the year 1800, Italian physicist Alessandro Volta presented his latest invention to the Royal Society in London. His Voltaic Pile was the first battery. For the first time, a permanent flow of electricity could be created and held over a long period; a scientific sensation that paved the way into the electric age. The

Can you still imagine living your day-to-day life without the mobile power supply that a battery provides? Our lives would be far less safe, accurate, and simple. Our phones would still be attached to a cord. The smartphones that allow us to make calls to anywhere would be inconceivable. We’d have to open the garage