From a Regional Sales Representative in the Black Forest to an International Specialist in Paris, Seattle, and Shenzhen – Jauch Moves the World

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Jauch's first headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen 1954

When he founded the company in 1954, Herbert Christian Jauch probably would not have thought it possible, employees of his company can now be found all over the world to provide rhythm, energy, frequency control and battery solutions.  In Paris, London, Seattle and many other cities around the world, everyone at Jauch has a passion for their relationships with their customers and partners.  With these relationships often spanning over decades, Jauch is much more than just a point of contact for the right timing devices in the electronic circuit and the optimal energy for remote power supplies.  Read for yourself how this network has grown:

How it all began – Jauch as part of the Black Forest watch industry
With more than 60 years in the industry, the story of the Jauch Group began in 1954 in the Black Forest, Germany.  Herbert C. Jauch started his company as a supplier to the Black Forest watch industry.  From the beginning, he relied on precision and know-how.  As a trading company, Jauch distributed turned parts such as axles, shafts and gears from Swiss precision production.  Again, and again, Jauch recognized the signs of progress early on and became involved in the development of the industry.  Mr. Jauch was one of the first to discover brass plastic dials in Switzerland and brought this innovation to the booming watch industry in Germany.

The electronics are moving in
At the end of the 1960s, the first battery-powered watch movements were manufactured, and in the following decade, the mechanics were finally ousted by the microelectronics of the quartz watches.  Jauch realized that miniaturization and electronics would change the industry.  In 1974, the founder’s son, Thomas Jauch, joined the company and the electronic era of the company began.  Father and son took over the European representation of Motorola and supplied the clock industry in the southwest with the much-desired clock crystals. Now the technology of quartz has found its way into Schwenningen’s industry.  Since then, quartz crystals and later oscillators became Jauch’s first division. In the following years, the portfolio of frequency expanded and Jauch expanded into other industries, such as medical applications.

The second division is created – Battery Solutions
Life was becoming mobile. Electronic devices were becoming more flexible and portable, wireless power sources were in demand. Therefore, in 1976, the Jauch Group started the battery technology division and took over the representation of the Swiss battery manufacturer Renata.

Close cooperation with developers and manufacturers – a win-win situation for all
Even now, Jauch is close to their customers and understands the needs of developers and manufacturers.  On this basis, our range of products has increased over time. The collaboration with Motorola expanded in the 1980s to include semiconductors, piezo products and monitors.  But the clocks from Jauch were also increasing in demand on the market and were installed in the first PCs, game consoles and in the first Siemens mobile phone. The experience that Jauch gathered from the cooperation with the manufacturers during this time became the foundation for the further development of the company into an international producer and partner of the electronics industry.

The way to Asia
In the following years, the Jauch Group focused on frequency components and battery technology.  To produce quartz crystals and oscillators, close cooperation with manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan began and a separate branch in Hong Kong was founded.  These cooperations gave Jauch access to oscillator technology and in 1986 Jauch presented the first dual-inline oscillator.

The son takes the wheel – Thomas Jauch becomes Managing Director
In 1987, Thomas Jauch took over the management and, at this time, furthered business relations in the Asian region. A year later, Jauch presented its customers the first quartz oscillator in SMD design. Over the next few years, production facilities for standard quartz crystals were being built in Asia, and numerous collaborations were achieved that still exist today.

Expansion of the headquarters – Frequency production in Villingen-Schwenningen
Based in Villingen-Schwenningen, the Headquarters set up an in-house quartz production.  In 1993, Jauch opened a sales, technology and production center for high-precision AT quartz crystals. Here, new frequencies were developed and brought to series maturity. In addition, the Headquarters became a training and education center for the specialists and managers of Asian production facilities.  Leading production employees were trained in advanced technology and made familiar with customer requirements. The combination of German development, technology and research center and series production in Asia, ensures a leading position in technical consulting and design-in for customers.  Furthermore, the close cooperation and solidarity of the specialists in Germany and the managers in Asia ensure a high quality according to German standards in all production sites.

Jauch – Pioneer in battery solutions
In 1998, the Jauch Group became one of the first members of the newly founded “GRS Batterien” Foundation (Batteries Common Take-back System). In 2003, the coin cell range expanded to include standard and niche products for consumer and industrial electronics. Just one year later, Jauch set up its own test center at the Headquarters. It is now possible to open cells and batteries and analyze them chemically, electrically and optically. The first custom lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery packs were delivered to customers by Jauch in 2007. To this day, the development and production center for customized battery systems and the company’s own test laboratory in Villingen-Schwenningen are being continuously expanded and improved. In cooperation with the customers, optimal battery solutions are developed and manufactured here.

Long-standing business relationships with global partners and customers
In order to best serve its customers worldwide, Jauch relies on an international sales network of representatives, distributors and its own branches. For this reason, Jauch has been expanding its network of sales partners ever since the 1970s. Long-standing partnerships that exist to this day create access to international markets. In the years 2002 to 2004, Jauch founded its own subsidiaries in France, Great Britain and the USA. Another subsidiary was opened in 2018 in Mexico. The customers also appreciate the partnership-based cooperation with Jauch. Many of them have been working successfully with the frequency and battery specialist for decades.

Today, Jauch is an internationally recognized brand and a reliable partner when it comes to sophisticated solutions for medical technology, smart home, garden and home appliances, mobile measurement technology, the automotive sector and many other fields of application.


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