Customer Success Story: Lunch from the mini-steamer – thanks to battery power from anywhere

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Long lines at the microwave in the university canteen, a short lunch break and then the food also loses its taste and vitamins. For the trio of founders of the start-up Nexenic, this was the reason to revolutionize the topic of Mealprep.

The three founders
The Steasy® founding trio: Johannes Hofer, Claudio Ruiz and Reto Muhl (from left to right)

The product: the Steasy® mobile mini-steamer

three steasys in green, purple and dark grey

With Steasy®, food can be heated up flexibly on the go. The method is so sophisticated that the food loses neither taste nor vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, this is something that has to be accepted when reheating in the microwave.

“Our Steasy® thus offers real added value not only to students, but also to health-conscious office workers, sales representatives or craftsmen,” explains Claudio Ruiz, Co-Founder and CEO of Nexenic.

The name already suggests that the mini-steamer uses the principle of steam cooking. In this process, the water in the outer shell is heated and the steam moves into the inner shell where the food is located. This heats the food gently and evenly. The quality and especially the nutrients of the dishes are preserved in the best possible way.

Geöffneter Steasy mit Foodschale
The individual components of the Steasy®: Water is poured into the lower part and the food tray contains the food.

“In addition, our Steasy® is battery-powered. Annoying cables and the need for a power outlet are eliminated,” continues Johannes Hofer, Co-Founder and CMO.

The requirement: reliable and powerful cells

The Swiss start-up was initially looking for a cell supplier. Quickly, it became clear: Jauch can lend support not only with suitable and available cells, but also with a lot of know-how in terms of pack design.

“Initially, 18650 lithium cells were planned. Now, we are working with cells of type 21700. These cells have the advantage that they have a much higher capacity and are, therefore, much more suitable for the Steasy®. Due to the higher capacity, the cells meet the requirement to supply the Steasy® with power for a complete heating process,” explains Viktor Sichwardt, Project Manager at Jauch.

No shipping without certification: the UN38.3 transport test for the Steasy® battery pack

“An essential certification for the battery pack is the UN38.3 transport test. We can extensively test and certify the pack in our in-house test lab,” says Jérémie Deloof, Sales Manager at Jauch.

The aim of the UN 38.3 transport test is to exclude risks during transport. The tests prove that the shipped batteries and battery packs, or the products with the batteries installed, can withstand all possible transport criteria and may be shipped worldwide.

The collaboration

“Jauch delivered a convincing performance with the overall package of service and performance. The advice beyond our original request for cells was very valuable especially with regard to certifications, including the UN38.3 transport test. It was quickly clear that we share the same understanding of quality.”

Reto Muhl, CTO and Co-Founder at Nexenic.

The start-up also emphasizes that another point for the decision for Jauch was the topic of regionality. “We are from Switzerland, and it was important to us to at least be in the same time zone, speak the same language, and have accessible contacts. The fact that Jauch Quartz is located in Schwenningen is even better. Because this also gives the opportunity for site visits,” Ruiz said.

Just recently, the Nexenic team visited us again in Schwenningen. After the first tests were carried out at Jauch last year, the battery pack is now ready for the UN38.3 transport test. A great opportunity to drop off the packs in person and get the first look at our nearly finished test lab.

And, by the way: The first pre-launch phase has just been completed. The first Steasys® units can already be pre-ordered via the online store, and are expected to be delivered from September.

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