Customer Success Story: A durable and certified battery for mBrainTrain’s mobile EEG

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Zwei Personen mit mobilem EEG auf dem Kopf.

Electroencephalography, or EEG for short, is a methodology for measuring tiny brain signals that are quite difficult to capture. You can likely imagine how these tests look like: Participants have electrodes and lots of cables around their heads while being in a lab. However, these complex systems cannot measure the human brain in the natural environment. As a result, our brain is the most important, but yet most unknown organ in the human body.

mBrainTrain, a company headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia, is the first company in the world that made a mobile research grade EEG. The team of 20 is dedicated to innovation in neuroscience and manufactures the hardware and software for mobile EEG devices.

Frau mit mobilem EEG in Bewegung.
The mobile EEG allows experiments in motion.

“With each new product, we bring EEG closer to real life – we’ve made mobile, outdoor and social experiments possible. We are working on further developing the brain recording system with the goal of making it part of our everyday life,” explains Pavle Mijkovic, Lead Engineer at mbt.

The product: Smarting PRO X

The Smarting PRO X is a fully mobile EEG system with high recording density and 64 channels. The mobile EEG gets its energy from a Jauch battery. Development has focused on the latest technologies, as well as the challenges of real users to ensure a smooth user experience every step of the way.

Frau mit EEG von vorne und von hinten.
The product has a high recording density thanks to its 64 channels.

The miniaturized hardware is supported by a software package, so that real-time data is available with just a few clicks. Moreover, it is characterized by the small headset as well as the powerful battery, all of which make the Smarting PRO X a powerful tool. Unlike many competitors’ products, these features allow the mobile EEG to be used in virtually any study setup on can imagine.


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The requirements for our battery: small, powerful and certified

In order to develop the smallest research-quality 64-channel wireless EEG device, the device had to be optimized in all its segments. This includes the battery, which had to offer more capacity without changing the dimensions of the device. The goal: mbt wants to enable a full day of experiments using only one charge. The issue of battery longevity thus plays a particularly important role in the selection process. In addition, there are a number of features, such as low battery notification and wireless charging.

schwarze Box mit Batterie
Small and powerful battery were the requirements for the battery.

Since the Smarting PRO X is used at universities, hospitals and large companies, the devices, and therefore also the battery, must meet all international safety standards.

“mbt had previously also used a lithium polymer battery in their mobile EEG device. However, as the product evolved, the demands on the battery also changed, especially regarding safety. Our LP103450JH completely fulfills these demands. Since the battery already has all certifications, including the UN38.3 Transport Test and IEC certification, mbt was able to start directly with its own product testing and certification.”

A lithium polymer battery supplies the Smarting PRO X with power.

And how did the collaboration go?

Mbt is happy with the collaboration:

“We are very glad to have found a reliable battery solution for our new device. The battery meets all our requirements. We’re pleased that Jauch also supports low-volume production and looks after these types of customers, so that’s definitely a big plus for us.”

Pavle Mijkovic, Lead Engineer at mbt

And Jérémie Deloof also describes: “The cooperation was fast and straightforward. The requirements for our battery were defined right from the start, so we were able to deliver the first samples directly with the battery already certified. Now nothing stands in the way of series production.”

The Smarting PRO X has just been launched – the first product was delivered in December last year. Nevertheless, mbt already has new orders from universities around the world and hopes to offer the most widely used product for mobile EEG recording in the coming years.

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