Apprenticeship experience: A glimpse behind the scenes of training at Jauch

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The Jauch Trainees and Students of 2023

The start of an apprenticeship is an exciting time, full of new impressions, challenges, and opportunities for professional and personal development.

We are Vivienne, Max, and Lucia, we are in the second year of our training, and we would like to give you an insight into our daily training routine at Jauch.

An exciting beginning

For the three of us, this exciting time at Jauch began last September. 

We were all welcomed in a friendly and reassuring way on our first day, which eased some of our nerves. After a short round of introductions, the onboarding started, during which we were given basic information about the company and an overview of the various departments.

The Jauch Trainees Vivienne, Lucia and Max

We then each met our buddy in the first department. Our buddies accompany and support us during the training. This helped us to settle in quickly and better understand the processes in the individual departments. During our tour of the building, we got to know our colleagues from the other areas.

Knowledge transfer and safety: Product training and briefings

One important element was the product training, where we gained insights into battery and quartz technology. Here we were able to see which functions the products fulfill and where they are used. It’s fascinating to find out how our components are manufactured and the importance they have in the industry. Both product divisions involve a lot of technology, but they are still very interesting, even for “non-technicians”. This training laid the foundation for our understanding of the products and how they work.

Data protection training was also covered at an early stage, since trainees come into contact with both internal and external data on a daily basis. A safety briefing in the area of logistics rounded off the basic training in the first few weeks.   

Particular highlights of our training

Our training is characterized by certain highlights that make it unique and instructive. One of these highlights is the departmental tour, where we have the opportunity to get to know not only our commercial departments, but also the areas of logistics, production, and quality assurance.  Working independently allows us to identify our interests and strengths more clearly. During our training, we have the opportunity to set a focus and work longer in our preferred department. This gives us a close look at the tasks and processes of the department and enables us to gain even deeper insights.

Lucia and Vivienne working together

“I noticed right away that I enjoyed working in the project team. Some of my colleagues soon realized this and asked me if I would like to join the team. My responsibilities include the American market, I will be spending a lot of time working with and supporting colleagues in America.” Maximilian

Lucia and Vivienne working abroad

Another highlight of our training is the time spent abroad at our subsidiaries. This allows us to gain international experience and get an insight into the working culture of other countries. Two of us have already had the opportunity to visit our subsidiaries in France and the UK.

Vivienne, for example, had the task of supporting colleagues in France with the decision to implement a tool that we use in JQG. In addition to introducing this tool, she helped her colleagues with their day-to-day work. This helps our personal development a lot.

“I got to know a different side of myself and became more confident and open,” Vivienne said.

Expressing ideas and preferences openly

We also have the chance to express ourselves creatively and we have launched a trainee and student project in this context.

As part of the project, we got together and brainstormed ideas to organize something special for our Jauch team. Our idea was welcomed by the management. So we are currently in the planning stage for a small Christmas market. All proceeds from the Christmas sale will then be donated to social projects/organizations. (more info to follow)

The trainee project allows us to work creatively and independently. It also strengthens the cohesion and team spirit among the trainees and students.

The Jauch Trainees and Students of 2023


Our training period so far has been marked by many instructive experiences, positive encounters, and a lot of fun. “The varied tasks, the opportunity to develop creatively, and the support from the team have made our training unforgettable,” concludes Lucia.

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