Sonja Jäckle, Leiterin der Jauch-Personalabteilung

Family, international, competent, secure and active – these five values are the central guidelines for our work at Jauch. They shape our entrepreneurial thinking and actions as well as our dealings with one another. In the video below, Sonja Jäckle, Head of the Jauch Human Resources Department, explains how the Jauch values play out in

Ein Herz, eine Weltkugel, ein Kopf, ein Schloss und ein Schuh symbolisieren die fünf Unternehmeswerte von Jauch

Since October 2018 the hashtag #WeAreJauch has accompanied every social media post, but what exactly does it mean? For us, #WeAreJAuch is not just a slogan. This is the embodiment of our five corporate values; defining attitudes with our customers, our partners and each other. We are Family The most important characteristic of a family

Grüner Frosch vor weißem Hintergrund

How It All Began: The Voltaic Pile

In the year 1800, Italian physicist Alessandro Volta presented his latest invention to the Royal Society in London. His Voltaic Pile was the first battery. For the first time, a permanent flow of electricity could be created and held over a long period; a scientific sensation that paved the way into the electric age. The