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End of Life Information for EVE 3.6V Spiral Cells / High Drain 

in the course of Supply Chain challenges, we are very sorry to announce herewith, that EVE stopped the production of “Spiral Type / high drain” cells with immediate effect.

  • Low market demand
  • Need of production lines for increasing demand of bobbin type cells after the fire at a competitor
  • New solutions with Lithium capacitors


Please find below the list of discontinued cells:

ER 14250M 1/2AA

ER 14335M 2/3AA

ER 14505M AA

ER 18505M A

ER 26500M C

ER 34615M D


Unfortunately, a Last-Time-Buy at EVE is not possible.

Company Jauch Quartz GmbH may have some stock of few Spiral Type cells from EVE, so please feel free to contact us in order to check if we can supply your demand.

JAUCH is working on alternative suppliers for these models in order to be able to supply further.

We apologize for tentative arising inconveniences.

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