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NEW! MEMS oscillator JSO15 TR

We are expanding our MEMS oscillator series with the MEMS JSO15 TR as an attractive solution for highly temperature-stable RTC applications.

The MEMS JSO15 TR is a very energy-efficient, temperature-compensated oscillator in a tiny CSP housing. It has a unique frequency stability of up to +/- 5ppm within a temperature range of -40 ° C ~ + 85 ° C. This excellent stability is achieved by precise temperature compensation during the manufacturing process. The new 32.768-kHz TCMO is particularly resilient to fluctuations in the supply voltage.


Because of its LVCMOS-compatible active output and its rail-to-rail voltage swing, the MEMS JSO15 TR is able to provide one or even multiple circuits simultaneously with a stable 32.768kHz signal. Power consumption remains very low at less than 1.2 µA (generally without load, operating voltage is 1.8V), enabling efficient use of the oscillator.  Direct control of the XIN inputs of circuits usually connected with watch quartz crystals is also a possibility.


The MEMS JSO TR can be supplied with a variable supply voltage of 1.5 V ~ 3.63 V. The resulting frequency deviation is less than +/- 1.5ppm.

Versatile Fields of Application
Because of its properties, the MEMS JSO TR is well-suited for highly accurate real-time clock applications, such as in mobile medical devices, health, and wellness monitors. Its low power consumption enables use in wearables, smartwatches, and activity trackers, making these devices usable for a particularly long duration. The extreme temperature stability also makes this oscillator very attractive for use in smart meters which are mounted on building exteriors.

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