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Jauch Quartz presents its new battery brand "Jauch"

Jauch Quartz GmbH has always offered battery solutions, but now also develops “Jauch” branded cells. The portfolio includes lithium polymer, lithium ion, lithium manganese dioxide and lithium thionyl chloride batteries.

Jauch-branded batteries

Since entering the field of lithium battery technology in 1976, Jauch Quartz GmbH has made a name for itself as a competent developer of battery packs and battery solutions. From its roots as a distributor, the mid-sized company continues to supply its customers with battery cells from various manufacturers. Now, the company is taking the next step with the launch of its own battery brand "Jauch".

The new portfolio includes both primary and secondary batteries. Lithium-manganese dioxide batteries are available as button cells or cylindrical designs, and in various sizes. The portfolio also includes long lasting lithium thionyl chloride batteries with various tabbed versions. In the area of rechargeable batteries, the new brand includes a wide range of lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries in various dimensions.

The "Jauch" brand serves as proof of the highest quality.


Developed in Germany, Produced in Asia

During the development of the batteries, Jauch cooperated with production partners in Asia. Over the years, Jauch has built up a dense network in Asia. Jauch uses the capacities of the partners in Asia and falls back on their partially and fully automated production lines to produce the necessary quantities. The production is carried out according to Jauch's detailed specifications. Regular audits ensure that the quality of the cells meets the high Jauch standards. Additionally, Jauch carries out UL certifications, to ensure these cells and batteries meet the quality and safety specifications of the most recognized cell certifications globally.

Battery assembly takes place at the Jauch Headquarters. Jauch can assemble small and medium quantities in the company itself. They can even assemble customized tabbed versions, for example, button cells or lithium thionyl chloride batteries. Jauch also develops the protective electronics for sophisticated battery packs on site.

With the introduction of the new brand of cells, Jauch Quartz is underlining its ambitions in the market and positioning itself accordingly with confidence.

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