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Panasonic Honors Jauch as "Distributor of the Year 2018"

The Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has awarded Jauch Quartz GmbH as one of its most important sales partners in the battery industry. The title "Distributor of the Year 2018" acknowledges the performance of the medium-sized company and underlines Jauch's growth ambitions.

Oliver Sonnemann (Panasonic) congratulates Daniel Panzini (Jauch)

While working more than 40 years in the battery industry, Jauch Quartz GmbH has made a name for itself, especially as a developer of customer specific lithium battery packs. The individual cells, which are assembled into battery packs at the company's headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, come from the Japanese electronics group Panasonic, among others. However, the cooperation between the large Asian corporation and the Black Forest family business goes even further. As a long-time sales partner, Jauch supplies international markets with batteries from Panasonic. "We have been working with Panasonic since 2006. We have a close and trusting partnership from which both sides benefit," says Daniel Panzini, head of the battery division and member of the Board of Directors at Jauch.

Panasonic seems to share this opinion, as Jauch was awarded the title "Distributor of the Year 2018" last October. With this annual award, Panasonic chooses the most successful of all its European sales partners. Panasonic paid tribute to Jauch's achievements and sales increases in the non-rechargeable lithium battery industry.

For Daniel Panzini, the award is a confirmation of the path he has taken with the battery division: "We have invested heavily in our growth in recent years and have brought some new colleagues on board, especially in technical sales. This has enabled us to penetrate the battery market even further and has also enabled us to win several important projects. It can go on like this," Panzini concludes with a wink.

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