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Award: A "Milestone" for Jauch

The magazine "Elektronikpraxis" awards the "Milestones in Electronics" to leading companies in the electronics industry. This year, Jauch Quartz GmbH took home one of the prizes.

Rhythm and energy determine the everyday life of Jauch Quartz GmbH. Founded in 1954 as a supplier for the German Black Forest watch industry, the quartz crystals and clock oscillators of the family owned company ensure the highest precision in electronic movements. Nowadays, Jauch's frequency control products have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Whether smartphone, automobile or kitchen appliance, these components ensure smooth operation of all these devices.

Last week, the industry magazine "Elektronikpraxis" honored the growth of Jauch, from a small supplier to a globally active medium-sized company, with the award "Milestone of Electronics". The magazine honors pioneering companies in the electronics industry for their extraordinary development and high market relevance. Steffen Fritz, head of the frequency components department and a Board of Directors member at Jauch, accepted the prize during the awards ceremony in Munich's "Kesselhaus" in front of approximately 200 invited guests.

"For all of us, the award is a great confirmation of our work so far," says Fritz and adds: "But at the same time it is also an obligation. After all, we want to do justice to what we have achieved so far and continue to maintain and expand our market position in the future.” The course has already been set: Jauch is one of Europe's leading producers of frequency control components. Thanks to its subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, the USA and, most recently, Mexico, the company has a broad international presence.

This also applies to the company's second product group: battery technology. Here, Jauch is driving forward the development of portable energy, with an emphasis in lithium chemistry. Thanks to the company's own battery assembly line with integrated testing facilities, every customer can request a fully certified battery, tailored to their application. In the newly founded Jauch Battery Academy, experts pass on their knowledge to interested parties regarding all aspects of this imperative technology.

Pictures: Elektronikpraxis

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