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Quartz Crystals and Oscillators – Accurate frequency for your application

Jauch frequency control products are produced and configured according to the highest quality standards. Therefore they provide reliable timing also under extreme conditions and for the most complex applications.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals in SMD or pin versions, in the frequency 32.768 KHz and the MHz frequency range.

Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Quartz crystal oscillators for each application, also according to customer specifications.

Automotive Quartz Crystals

AEC-Q qualified quartz crystals


As well as economic benefits, our production facilities at various locations also provide our clients with the certainty that they can rely on the availability of their frequency control products.

Our frequency control products are manufactured in close cooperation with our production partners in Asia. Thanks to state-of-the-art, fully integrated in-line production systems, we achieve production volumes of well over 100 million components per month. When it comes to development of new products, we also work closely with our network of partners and thus take advantage of synergy effects.

At our German headquarters, we manufacture several hundred thousand quartz crystals per year in customer-specific designs.

Technical Support for your Frequency Components Solution

Starting with the development phase of your application, Jauch experts support you in selecting the optimal frequency component and in determining the required performance parameters and specifications. Implementing Jauch expertise in the beginning avoids costly mistakes and changes.

Upon request, we can analyze your crystal or oscillator circuit in our electronics laboratory. In the process, various parameters such as frequency accuracy, vibration tolerance and drive level can be examined. After completion of all tests, you will receive a detailed test report containing all important measured values as well as recommendations for action by our engineers to optimize the circuit.

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Our quality for your security

Our production know-how is also evident in quality assurance. This begins with the selection of the raw material: Only high-quality blanks with measured cutting angles are used for our quartz crystals and quartz oscillators. Regular audits of our suppliers are a matter of course and we have ourselves certified on a regular basis.

Jauch quality management:

To maintain the consistently high quality of our products and services, we continuously implement measures to safeguard and improve our effectiveness and efficiency. These include internal audits of system, process and procedure workflows as well as audits of our production partners and suppliers.

In addition, important key figures are regularly determined in order to keep a constant eye on quality and make targeted decisions.

Product quality:

To ensure that our components function safely and reliably in your application, we perform extensive quality tests on the frequency control products and the materials used. Our modern test environment is equipped with numerous test devices and an electronics laboratory. Here, mechanical, electrical as well as climatic tests can be carried out and reliability figures of special components can be determined. For our automotive components, we can also perform all AEC-Q 200 tests in-house.

Not only components, but also complete electronic circuits are tested by our engineers for functionality and reliability using special measuring equipment. If problems or failures do occur in your application, we can quickly determine the cause of the error. Of course, you as a customer will receive a detailed analysis report and 8-D report within a short time in this case.

Environmental Standards Information (RoHs, REACh, MDS) and Product Life Status

Product Life Status: Mature - not recommended for new designs! 
Product Life Status: Mature - not recommended for new designs! 


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