Customer Success Story: Why Millo Appliances Rely on Jauch – Twice

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A blender in a kitchen

“If Apple made a blender, this would be it” – the British-American online news portal Mashable nailed it. When it comes to aesthetics and product design, the blender “Millo”, created by the Lithuanian start-up Millo Appliances, is very close to the great idol from Cupertino.

Besides its award-winning design, the technology behind “Millo” is particularly remarkable. The patented “Magnetic Air Drive” technology is the heart of the application. In contrast to other comparable devices, “Millo’s” cup and base station are only magnetically connected to each other; meaning the power transmission from the engine, housed in the blender’s base station, to the blades, housed in the cup, is accomplished 100% via this magnetic connection.


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Millo’s “Magnetic Air Drive Technology” in action

Precise Frequency Thanks to JXS32

Thanks to its innovative technology, the company has raised around 1.4 million Euros from various investors since its foundation in 2016. Jauch Quartz is also making its contribution: two Jauch components from the JXS-series ensure precise timing in “Millo’s” control electronics.

“The crystals from our JXS-series use AT-cut quartz blanks. They are thus ideally suited for generating precise frequencies in the megahertz range”, explains Steffen Fritz, Head of Sales at Jauch Quartz. “The Millo uses two JXS32 crystals with different specifications. They ensure that the blender’s start-stop function works to the millisecond,” says Steffen Fritz.

“The relationship with Millo Appliances was established from our Lithuanian partner Elgerta,” recalls Steffen Fritz. “From that moment on everything moved very quickly. The founders knew what they wanted, and we were able to deliver immediately – sometimes it’s that simple.”

UN 38.3: Jauch Supports with Knowhow on Battery Transport

However, this does not close the chapter on the cooperation between Jauch and Millo Appliances – quite the contrary! After all, “Millo’s” innovative design does not tolerate ugly cables. Consequently, the necessary power is not drawn from a wall socket, but from a powerful lithium battery pack. And that’s what Jauch knows all about.

“When developing a new battery pack, there are many legal factors, in addition to technical ones that must be taken into account, especially regarding transportation,” says Viktor Sichwardt, the responsible project manager at Jauch Quartz. “Whether a battery or battery-powered device can be transported, depends on whether it passes the internationally required UN 38.3 transport test,” explains Sichwardt, adding: “We carried out this test for “Millo” here at our German headquarters. In addition, we are in regular contact with the founders and are happy to provide consultation with our battery knowhow”. 

“We appreciate Jauch not only as a supplier, but also as a competent partner for
all questions concerning quartz crystals and batteries.”

Ruslanas Trakšelis, Founder and CEO of Millo Appliances

In conclusion, Millo Appliances benefits twice over from the cooperation with Jauch, paving the way for a successful market launch. The prototype of the blender is currently in the beta test phase.

Our colleagues Viktor Sichwardt (on the left) and Steffen Fritz (on the right) are busy testing, too!

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