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Jauch frequency control products are produced and configured according to the highest quality standards. Therefore they provide reliable timing also under extreme conditions and for the most complex applications.

The Universal MEMS Oscillator

  • Configured according to customer specifications
  • Best shock & vibration resistance at fast availability (fast delivery service)
  • Compatible to the standard housings sizes 2016, 2520, 3225, 5032, and 7050
MEMS oscillator

Oscillator for Real Time Clock Applications

  • Extremely temperature stable 32.768 kHz output
  • Very low power consumption
  • Best shock & vibration resistance
  • Miniature chip scale housing (1.5 x 0.8)
JSO15 TR MEMS oscillator

Quartz crystals with best price-performance ratio

  • Standard frequency stability ± 10 ppm
  • High availability
  • Long-term availability
Jauch JXS series

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As a producer, we know what it takes

As well as economic benefits, our production facilities at various locations also provide our clients with the certainty that they can rely on the availability of their frequency control products.

Small quantities production in Villingen-Schwenningen

Small quantities in Germany

Development and production of small quantities and prototypes according to customer specifications in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Production lines for large-scale production in Asia

Series production in Asia

We use production lines in Asia for the manufacture of medium and large series.

Jauch MEMS  configuration  in Villingen-Schwenningen

Fully automatic MEMS configuration

The custom configuration of our MEMS oscillators is fully automatic in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Quality provides security

Our production know-how is also evident in quality assurance. This begins with the raw material selection: We use only high-quality, cutting angle measured blanks. We do regular audits of our suppliers as a matter of course and we get ourselves certified regularly.

Quality management

Measures to ensure and improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

Quality management

  • Internal audits on systems, processes, and procedures
  • Audits at production facilities
  • Supplier audits

Use of performance indicators

Regular collection of all relevant information in order to make appropriate decisions.

Use of performance indicators

  • Reliability performance indicators
  • FIT + MTTF values
  • SPC
  • DPPM
  • Customer satisfaction scores

Components qualification

Extensive quality tests to ensure that materials and components are safe to use.

Components qualification

  • Internal qualification of all components possible
  • Extensive testing facilities
  • In-house executionof all AEC-Q 200 tests
  • PPAP / FMEA standard
  • Determining the reliability performance indicators of specific components
  • Compliance with the RoHS / REACH guidelines

Components examination

Quick and thorough analysis of components in terms of functionality and durability.

Components examination

  • Analysis of components and circuits
  • Special measuring equipment for comprehensive tests:
  • Mechanical, electrical, climatic tests, X-ray analysis
  • 8-D reports and detailed analytical reports within a short time
  • Monthly evaluation of the QA metrics

Checking of incoming and outgoing products

Continuous quality control of materials used and products manufactured.

Checking of incoming and outgoing products

  • Inspection of incoming products according to AQL standard
  • 100% test
  • Tests according to customer specifications
  • Temperature range exams


Measurement technology for reliable reproducible measurements and documentation.


  • Calibrated frequency measurements
  • Periodic calibration of measuring instruments internally and by accredited laboratories

QA training

Regular training sessions in order to maintain the consistent quality Jauch is known for, even for new developments.

QA training

  • Continuous training of staff at the headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen


Complying with international standards of quality management and environmental management – also for the automotive industry.



Talking to us about ideal timing solutions early on in your application’s design phase is well worth your while. Ideally this will help to cut development time and reduce costs. Moreover, you will avoid mistakes when it comes to component selection of specification. This increases operational reliability in series and ensures the optimum product lifetime. Most importantly, in Jauch you have an efficient partner to supply your reliably. So make use of our technical support!

Selection of suitable components

  • Avoid incorrect decisions
  • Minimize development problems
  • Optimize lead times
  • Optimize costs

Help with specifications

  • Joint creation of custom specifications for your project
    Selection of products according to your requirements
  • Individual precalculation

Technical support along with  distribution

  • Precalculation for special applications
  • Optimized specification with regards to all project-specific parameters
  • Cost-optimized preselection

Sizing assistance for quartz circuits

  • Product selection based on electrical aspects
  • Sizing recommendations based on your IC datasheets
  • Consultancy for special applications
  • Checking your prototypes in our laboratory

Modification recommendations for quartz circuits

Qualified modification proposals based on our circuit analysis

  • Correction of mismatches
  • Correction of the component selection
  • Correction after layout change

Oscillation safety investigation

  • Determation of the resonance frequency
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Determation of the amplification margin
  • Determation of the oscillation start up safety
  • Checking compliance with specification list (optimization of lifetime expectancy)

Load capacity adjustment

  • Optimization of the resonance frequency
  • Optimization of oscillation safety (factor)
  • Optimization of quartz crystals power (drive level)

Determination of quartz crystals performance

  • Measuring the quartz crystal current with the help of current probe
  • Calculation of crystal power (drive level) with regards to predetermined specification

Determining the electrical quartz crystals parameters

Measurement of electrical parameters of the quartz crystal at + 25 ° C in the quartz crystal instrument.

  • Optimal design of the circuit
    • Adjustment of the load capacitance
    • Optimization of quartz crystal performance
  • Correction of specifications
  • Optimizing the design selection

Determining the electrical oscillator parameters

Measurement of all electrical parameters of the crystal circuit in the customer´s application at + 25 ° C 

  • Checking compliance with the specifications
  • Measurement under simulated climatic conditions
  • Sized patterns/designs for pilot series and prototypes

Measurement of temperature coefficient

Measuring the behavior of quartz crystals and oscillators in our temperature chambers

  • Control of behavior at different ambient temperatures
  • Characterized patterns/designs for production of pilot series and prototypes

Technical Info


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