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Design-in and technical support for your frequency control product


Talking to us about ideal timing solutions early on in your application's design phase is well worth your while. Ideally this will help to cut development time and reduce costs. Moreover, you can avoid mistakes when it comes to selection and specification of your quartz crystal or oscillator.

Your advantages:

Benefit from the entire know-how of our engineers and technically trained sales staff - from support in selecting the right crystal or oscillator, to determining the required specification, to design-in and optimization of your crystal circuit. By means of technically optimal preparation, errors occurring later in the application can be avoided. This also increases the operational reliability in series production and ensures the best possible product lifetime.

Even in the development phase, decisive aspects of later series production can be influenced. When selecting certain sizes or using a standard component, factors such as future procurement costs, availability or the service life of a quartz crystal or oscillator are taken into account.

Make sure all important parameters of your oscillator circuit are maintained. Using specialized measuring equipment, we can precisely examine prototypes or oscillator circuits already in use in our electronics laboratory and make optimization recommendations.

Do you need technical support or do you have questions about your frequency control component?



Even before and during the development phase of your product, Jauch specialists provide you with detailed advice and support.

Selection of the suitable frequency component

  • Avoidance of wrong decisions and reduction of development time
  • Review of sizes and alternative components with regard to availability and cost optimization in series production
  • Consideration of the service life of the component

Assistance with the specification

  • Suitable specification taking into account all necessary project-specific parameters
  • Selection of components according to your requirements

Support for circuit optimization

  • Recommendations for adapting the circuit design for the use of a standard component


During the development of your circuit we can support you with our modern electronics laboratory.

Sizing assistance for quartz circuits

  • Product selection based on electrical aspects
  • Sizing recommendations based on your IC datasheets
  • Consultancy for special applications
  • Testing of your prototypes in our laboratory

Modification recommendations for quartz circuits

  • Qualified modification proposals based on our circuit analysis
  • Correction of mismatches
  • Correction of the component selection
  • Correction after layout change

Application Safety

Let us validate your oscillator circuit with special testing equipment in terms of amplification margin and oscillation start up safety.

Oscillation safety investigation

  • Determination of the resonant frequency
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Determination of the amplification margin
  • Determination of the oscillation start up safety
  • Checking compliance with specification list (optimization of lifetime expectancy)

Load capacity adjustment

  • Optimization of the resonant frequency
  • Optimization of oscillation safety (factor)
  • Optimization of quartz crystal power (drive level)

Determination of quartz crystal performance

  • Measuring the quartz crystal current with the help of current probe
  • Calculation of crystal power (drive level) with regards to predetermined specification

Support for application problems

We can help in solving problems in your circuit.

Determination of electrical quartz crystal parameters

Measurement of electrical parameters of the quartz crystal at +25°C in the quartz crystal instrument.

  • Best possible design of the circuit: adjustment of the load capacitance and optimization of quartz crystal performance
  • Correction of specifications
  • Optimization of design selection

Determination of electrical oscillator parameters

Measurement of all electrical parameters of the crystal circuit in the customer's application at +25°C.

  • Checking compliance with the specifications
  • Measurement under simulated climatic conditions
  • Sized patterns/designs for pilot series and prototypes

Measurement of temperature coefficient

Measurement of the behavior of quartz crystals and oscillators in our temperature chambers.

  • Control of behavior at different ambient temperatures
  • Characterized patterns/designs for production of pilot series and prototypes

Do you need help with design-in or would you like to have your circuit analysed?

Film: Production of frequency control products


Learn in this video how crystals and oscillators are manufactured. From the starting material, the natural quartz crystal, to the production of synthetic quartz material in hermetically sealed autoclaves and the generation of the quartz blanks, to the finished high-precision frequency control component for a wide range of electronic applications.


Product examples

Our broad portfolio of quartz crystals and crystal oscillators offers the optimal frequency control product for every application - even when used under extreme conditions. Only high-quality quartz blanks are used for our reliable frequency components.

Quartz Crystals for Wireless Applications

The JXSxx-WA quartz crystals are available in standard packages 2016, 2520 and 3225 and at 14 frequencies common for wireless applications.

Solutions for the automotive sector

Our frequency components for automotive applications are AEC-Q200 and AEC-Q100 qualified.

Jauch SMD - SEAM SEAL Quartz Crystals

JXS series

Preferred quartz series for various applications in the industrial and consumer sector.

Our know-how for your frequency products

For technical support in the selection and design-in of your quartz crystal or oscillator as well as for the examination of your electronic circuit, our competent technical support team is at your disposal.

Development Engineer

Christian Büchler

Head of Technical Support

Circuit analysis

Mathias Laskus

Technical Support Engineer

Circuit Analysis

Tiehong Ren

Technical Support Engineer

Development Engineer

Ting-Hao Peng

Technical Manager

Do you need technical support or do you have questions about your frequency control component?