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Battery packs developed individually for customers

Choosing the right battery solution is of utmost importance for many applications. And it’s not just about security: battery packs can also provide a lot of potential. Only through good planning and the consideration of all relevant influencing factors can problems that may occur later be prevented in advance.

Our goal is to develop the optimum mobile energy source for each end product and its concrete operating conditions. That’s why the experienced battery specialists at Jauch Quartz work closely with their customers as early as the development phase.

When designing and assembling a custom battery pack, security and reliability are always a priority. Therefore, the right cells need to be selected as the basis for the battery pack. Here, the battery experts from Jauch can choose the right cell with the appropriate cellular chemistry from a wide range. Jauch’s comprehensive assortment ranges from alkaline batteries to button cells to lithium-ion and lithium-polymer cells in various versions and capacities.

But the process of developing the battery involves much more than simply selecting the right cell and designing the battery according to the required voltage and capacity. For example, the calendar life and cycle life of the battery need to be defined. In addition, it must be determined whether the battery also needs to perform at extremely high or extremely low temperatures and which security and communication requirements need to be met. Even factors that are not directly related to the battery performance already need to be considered in the design process: which certifications need to be obtained now or in the future? Is the battery going to be delivered separately or already built into the end product and what form of transport should be used for delivery? Especially with the transport of lithium batteries, restrictions apply that, for example, have an influence on how long the finished product can be stored.

The question of for how long and in what quantities the battery needs to be available, preferably without changes, is incorporated into the development process. The number of orders being placed with well-known cell manufacturers already exceeds the existing production capacities. And this trend will likely grow. Accordingly, good planning is necessary right from the start. Without sufficient storage capacity at the battery assembler, there are predestined to be delays to assembling battery systems in the case of cell manufacturer supply bottlenecks.

When producing the battery packs, expertise and experience are essential. Constant quality control of the whole process also ensures the batteries are of consistently high quality. Therefore, at Jauch every development and assembly process is accompanied by thorough tests and examinations, from the draft of the packaging design to the finished battery system. Thanks to decades of experience in battery technology, the company has been able to set-up a unique testing environment at its headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. Here, even the most extreme operational and environmental conditions can be simulated. In addition, tests for the required certifications can be carried out in advance. In its in-house test laboratory, Jauch can also carry out the UN38.3 transport test that is mandatory for lithium batteries.

As well as production at the headquarters in Germany, production also takes place in Eastern Europe and China. Jauch has a mechanical workshop especially for prototype and small series production, featuring a CNC milling machine with a CAD construction interface. Additionally, plastic housings can be sealed with an ultrasonic welding machine.

Thanks to the intensive collaboration that takes place over the whole development process and the consistent focus on the highest quality, Jauch can offer its customers a complete solution. The company is of course certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The ongoing training of its employees and trips to visit cell manufacturers overseas ensure that knowledge and expertise is always up-to-date with the latest technological happenings. In this way Jauch Quartz fulfils its claim of offering every customer the optimum battery solution for any application.

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