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Supply chain challenges update

We’d like to take this opportunity like to update you on the current situation regarding the supply chain of all our products, but also to encourage and enhance, if necessary, the communications between our companies to mitigate the ongoing issues we are seeing concerning delivery of our products from our factories to yourselves.  It’s important that we are fully aware of the global situation that we find ourselves in together that affects the whole supply chain and the time currently involved to get product to your production lines.  From a global pandemic, reduction in capacity at factories, demand outweighing capacity, to a lack of raw material availability, ongoing price increases, vessels blocked in the Suez Canal, lead time extension and allocation, to the latest challenges of vessel availability at port, along with reduction in staff at port & dock to the now latest issue of available HGV drivers……………. We have really seen everything!

In extremes, we have seen a normal 2–3-day air shipment get delivered in around 2 weeks, and a normal sea freight delivery of 4-6 weeks turn into 12-14 weeks.   So, we’d like to reach out to you, our customers, to work closely together with Jauch to try and make things as painless as possible for both of us, which might mean longer term firm orders, more forecast visibility, New Project start information, request for buffer stocks to be put in place etc.  Please discuss this openly with your Jauch sales contacts at the next opportunity.  Thank you for your custom and valued ongoing business relationship.

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Supply chain challenges update