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A wide standard program of lithium polymer batteries makes the designing-in process easier
for manufacturers of battery-powered products.

In Nov 2014, trade fair visitors to the electronica were introduced to the extensive Jauch standard program of lithium polymer batteries. There was an intense interest in the wide selection of standard batteries, reflecting the long-standing trend towards the development of even lighter and thinner devices. More and more maufacturers of battery-powered products are choosing these batteries, resulting in a considerable weight reduction in the entire application. High energy densities can be designed into many different products in a space-saving manner. This makes them interesting for numerous demanding industries, from medical technology via the automobile industry through to applications in security technology, measurement and control technology.

The comprehensive standard program of lithium polymer batteries greatly simplifies the battery designing-in process for the customer: All of Jauch`s standard product range batteries are available from stock. The customer can order samples directly. Long delivery times are omitted – a major advantage over other lithium polymer maufacturers.

Space for the installation of the power source is often limited and specified long before any contact with the battery assembler.  The wide range of sizes of lithium polymer batteries available in Jauch`s standard program allows the customer to select a battery compatible with his needs, even at an advanced project stage. All lithium polymer batteries are UL certified.

Jauch provides support for the customer throughout every stage of development: from cell selection via the choice of active materials through to assembly, the company meets the highest international quality and safety standards, certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. An additional major advantage for customers: The most extreme application and environmental conditions can be simulated in Jauch´s own dedicated test environment. Through global projects in a wide variety of sectors, Jauch`s battery experts have wide expertise on which tests and certification procedures for the transportation and distribution of battery-powered products have to be complied with. This is a particularly obscure area for the customer because different markets and industries can impose additional conditions on products with a built-in battery. Jauch recognizes and fulfils this requirement responsibly. The company, with over 40 years battery know-how, provides the manufacturer with the advice he requires to be able to bring his battery- powered products safely into mass production.

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