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Whether you need a standard battery or a customized battery pack – we offer the perfect solution! We have been active in the industry since 1976 and have been building large know-how during that time. Today, we offer a wide range of primary lithium batteries and rechargeable battery systems. Many of our batteries are available directly from stock.

Battery Products

Commercial cells and batteries in standard sizes for different devices and applications.

Pack Design

We develop and produce the battery pack in a suitable configuration for your application. The battery pack design with all the technical specifications will be accompanied by extensive testing and studies. Jauch also programs the software for the battery management system. This ensures that your power supply will be functioning safely and reliably even under extreme conditions.


The fastest way to the right lithium polymer battery!

Jauch has extensive know-how and years of experience.


Lithium polymer batteries offer numerous possibilities. Due to the large number of different sizes and designs, lithium-polymer batteries are often the ideal solution if a high capacity needs to be accommodated in a small space.

Use our Product Finder to find the right battery for your application.



The optimum power supply for your application

Jauch provides complete solutions for your battery system according to your requirements. Standard cells and customized packs, from simple cells to intelligent battery packs for the most demanding applications.

Individual Solutions

We take care of special requests for design-in as well as all relevant safety aspects. We are happy to assist you with individual battery packs.

We offer sound expertise for development and production based on decades of experience to bring your solution on the market safely, on time, and within the law.

Customized Developments

The individual package design with all the technical specifications will be accompanied by extensive testing and studies. So you can be sure that in the end everything works properly and smoothly.

Jauch also develops the software for battery management systems, which are essential for lithium batteries. This ensures that your battery packs operate safely even under extreme loads.

Complete Services

Jauch offers a comprehensive range of services in order to provide you the best batteries for your applications, including cell selection, safety electronics, battery management system and battery chargers.

We will select the ideal cell for you from a wide range of cell sizes and cell chemistries. Custom cell sizes are also feasible. The safety circuit and battery management system will be optimized to meet your needs.

Safety in Series

Advanced, international standards apply to the production of small and medium series at Villingen-Schwenningen and on the production lines in Asia.

We can assist your development with short delivery times since we do prototyping at our production facility in Villingen-Schwenningen. Experienced battery specialists will support the design of your individual battery solution.

Manufacturing in Villingen-Schwenningen

Jauch production in Villingen-Schwenningen: Customized battery packs for medical or safety technology or the automotive industry, for example, where special requirements often have to be met, are manufactured here in ESD-protected rooms.

Production of large series in Asia

We assemble large series at our modern production lines in Asia. Moreover, the assembly of the safety electronics and battery management systems takes place there. Production in fully automated manufacturing facilities guarantees consistent high quality.

Tested Quality and efficient Shipping

We take care of the certification of your battery according to UN 38.3 and other international standards. Efficient logistics processes and our regularly trained staff ensure that your goods arrive quickly and safely.

UN 38.3 and other tests

Jauch batteries and battery packs are subjected to extensive testing. In our in-house test center, we can perform all individual tests of the UN 38.3 transport test ourselves. These include charging and discharging tests, shock and vibration tests, and the simulation of extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

Industry-specific tests are also possible, as for example tests required for the use of batteries in medical technology products or under ATEX-conditions.


Before a new battery-powered application can be put on the global market, many different standards and regulations must be met. In addition to the indispensable certification according to UN 38.3, for example, IEC 62133 and UL 2054 standards have to be kept in mind, too.

We help you keeping the overview: We advise you on the different standards and also carry out the corresponding tests in advance in our in-house test center.

Efficient and transparent

You can also expect high reliability from Jauch when it comes to delivery. From order entry to shipping, the entire order processing is ERP-supported - this guarantees maximum efficiency and 100% traceability.

Safe delivery

Our employees are instructed in compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations IATA/ICAO - TI and are IATA-DGR certified. This guarantees the safe and legally compliant transport of your batteries - whether by truck, by sea or air freight.

Our quality for your security

To ensure that the battery functions reliably in your application, we provide consistently high quality of our cells and battery solutions.  Of course, we conduct regular audits of our suppliers and have ourselves certified at regular intervals.

Jauch quality management:

Our claim to ourselves is to provide our customers with high-quality products and services. We therefore strive to constantly improve ourselves. An important cornerstone for this are the internal audits of system, process and procedure workflows that we carry out regularly and which help to secure and optimize our effectiveness and efficiency.

Further building blocks for quality assurance are audits of our suppliers and production partners, the ongoing determination of important key figures, and the continuous training of our Jauch employees.

Product quality:

To ensure that our battery solutions function reliably in our customers' applications, we carry out incoming and outgoing goods tests, among other things. This can also include testing to customer specifications and special tests such as temperature range testing.

Our in-house test environment is equipped with test equipment and test devices for mechanical, electrical and climatic tests. We can also perform all eight individual tests of the UN38.3 transport test for shipping batteries at our headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen. All lithium batteries and cells are put through their paces here before they are placed on the market.


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