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The Jauch JO series

The crystal oscillators belonging to the Jauch JO series provide an (H)CMOS compatible output signal and are suitable for various applications in the industrial and consumer sector. They are available in package sizes 2016, 2520, 3225, 5032, and 7050 in many supply voltage versions and in a wide frequency range.

Particularly, the temperature-stable versions of the JO series and the high stability version of the JOxxH series are suitable for wireless applications.


JO21 (Standard XO, 2016) 

JO22 (Standard XO, 2520) 

JO32 (Standard XO, 3225) 

JO53 (Standard XO, 5032) 

JO75 (Standard XO, 7050) 

JO22H (High Stability XO, 2520) 

JO32H (High Stability XO, 3225) 

JO53H (High Stability XO, 5032) 

VX3 Not for new designs! 


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Jauch JO series crystal oscillators perfectly meet the requirements of the subsequent semiconductor devices. The application areas are versatile and indefinite. Our wide-ranging stock guarantees short delivery times in standard package types and supply voltages. 

  • For industrial and consumer applications
  • Rail-to-rail output is (H)CMOS-compatible
  • Available in package sizes 2016, 2520, 3225, 5032, and 7050
  • JO21 and JO22 for smallest footprint
  • JO32 with very good price-performance ratio
  • Low jitter and low phase noise as no PLL is used
  • Depending on the package version available up to + 105 ° C, up to + 125 ° C upon individual request
  • 100% lead-free, fully RoHS and REACH-compliant

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