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Battery Development for your application


Benefit from our many years of experience and product know-how in individual battery solutions. Work with a reliable partner already during the development of your application.

Your Advantages:

Rely on the experience of our Jauch experts for the design-in, the correct battery management system and its programmed parameters as well as the optimal dimensions of your battery pack. We analyze and test the battery in your application and additionally adapt your circuit to the environmental conditions.

Your individual battery solution: Starting from proper cell selection, then moving to the refined details, including selection of the suitable active material and the protective electronics, to the assembly of the battery pack with optional housing, we develop the right battery for you.

With our modern test equipment, we accompany this development to guarantee the safe function of the battery in your application. Due to our international project experience in various industries, our specialists and technicians have a complex understanding of which tests and certification procedures must be observed for the transport and distribution of the battery powered product.

Need help developing your battery solution?

Development Process

Developing the right battery solution is a complex process. Our experienced and competent team accompanies you right from the start. We offer high-performance cells, develop and program a battery management system (BMS) with critical safety functions and communication interfaces, and enable a housing and connector design according to your needs.

  • Customer inquiry
  • Feasibility study
  • Design of battery pack (cell chemistry, physical battery layout, serial/parallel configuration, battery electronics)
  • Preliminary battery description, if necessary preparation of specification sheet
  • Quotation
  • Development / design-engineering
  • Data sheet preparation
  • Prototype build and test
  • Send approval prototype to customer
  • Testing at customer - approval / design freeze
  • Start of product approvals / certifications
  • Conversion from prototype to final design suitable for mass production
  • Pilot-Run / Ramp-Up
  • Mass production
  • Lessons-Learned
  • Customer feedback
  • Refinement if necessary

Reliability Matters

Since 1976, we have specialized in custom battery solutions. We provide experienced consultation and development of the individual battery packs.

Jauch advises its customers on the design of the appropriate battery pack


Different markets and industries have different requirements. We use our comprehensive battery know-how to ensure the successful series production of your product.

Jauch supports its customers in the development of the appropriate battery cell


The battery pack is designed based on the technical requirements of the final product. This ensures the safe and reliable function of your product.

Selection and Production of Cells

The wide variety of cells available for our pack design makes us the perfect partner for all matters relating to the ideal cell selection for your battery pack.

Cell production takes place in fully automated, modern production facilities. All plants certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, so that compliance with international environmental standards is guaranteed.

Protection Circuit and Battery Management System

We will develop a battery management system that is precisely tailored to the characteristics of each battery pack and matches the requirements of the application.


Consistently high production quality is particularly important in assembly. Process safety is ensured by means of strict compliance with the ISO requirements, starting with inspection tests and saved reports in all production steps.

Our experienced production and quality control specialists, who can draw on decades of experience in the construction of customized battery solutions, guarantee this happens.

‚Made in Germany‘ Quality

Jauch is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our batteries and packs meet the highest international production and quality standards. They go through a series of specific tests, for which we use only high-quality testing systems.

Logistics & Shipping

Lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods and therefore require special knowledge of handling and transport. Jauch specialists ensure your battery packs reach their destination safely and advise you on transport and storage guidelines.


We offer a modern test laboratory in house, meaning tests for battery pack can be carried out in the same place, with the same involved project team! Testing capabilities include UN38.3 transport test, benchmark comparison tests, vibration tests, shock tests, charge and discharge tests, and finally customer-specific functional tests.  We own and develop our testing equipment, guaranteeing your battery can be tested to achieve maximum safety in any condition.

Project Management

The Jauch team accompanies your battery project from the selection of a suitable cell through development to mass production. The experts know all the opportunities and risks involved in developing the battery and keep an eye on your project from a battery perspective.

Need help developing your battery solution?

Battery Knowledge for You

White Paper: Introduction to Lithium Polymer Battery Technology

White Paper: Guide to the Design of LiPo-Batteries

Guidelines: Safe Handling of Lithium Batteries

Product Examples

Jauch offers a variety of reliable technological solutions: Lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, single-cell batteries or multi-cell battery packs, simple electronic protection circuits or intelligent batteries with programmable battery management systems.

Battery Management-Systems

Programmable ICs and fuel gauge allow communication with the application and/or the charger, filling level indication and error memory.

Jauch lithium ion batteries.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Larger capacity packs with protective cell balancing.

Versatile Jauch lithium polymer batteries.

Lithium Polymer Battery

Cells in different sizes and different harness variations are available from stock.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack 18650

Made with connectors and NTC for temperature monitoring. Large selection of 18650 round cells available from stock.

Trainings and Seminars

We offer our customers training on lithium technology and the correct handling of lithium batteries, tailored to their specific needs.

Since 2019 we have been offering various battery seminars in our own training center, the Jauch Battery Academy. Battery experts, who have been handling batteries daily for many years, pass on their knowledge to our seminar participants. Battery users, from engineering, purchasing, marketing and sales, learn the most important things about the production and technology of a cell, electronics, logistics and transport issues, as well as certification and the increasingly important safety aspects.


More information

Our Know-how for your Battery Project

For the implementation of your battery project and the development of the optimal battery solution for your application, our qualified development team at the Jauch headquarters is at your side.

Product Management

Timo Schmidt

Head of Battery Technology

Project Management

Sönke Zacher

Head of Project Management

Battery Chemistry

Dr. Jürgen Heydecke

Technical Director Battery Solutions


Tim Müller

Project Manager


Daniel Soppa

R&D Engineer

Mechanical Design

Samuel Stania

Battery Production Manager


Kathrin Dietze

Purchasing Manager

Transport Specialist

Viktor Sichwardt

Project Manager

Need help developing your battery solution?