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Get the relevant certifications even faster
by our own test and certification centre

Anyone who deals with approval issues, perhaps even worldwide, knows that the challenges are becoming ever more extensive and complex.

We have expanded our existing test laboratory to include a new test and certification centre so that we can act faster and provide the best possible support for our customers. We can now test cells and batteries in-house and issue test certificates either ourselves or in collaboration with accredited test laboratories, such as the CB report in accordance with IEC62133-2:2017.

What we test for certification

According to IEC62133

  • Continuous charge at constant voltage
  • Case stress at high ambient temperature
  • External short circuit
  • Free fall
  • Thermal abuse
  • Crush
  • Overcharging of battery
  • Vibration
  • Mechanical shock

According to UN38.3

  • Alitude test
  • Thermal cycling
  • Vibration
  • Shock
  • External short circuit
  • Impact/ Crush
  • Overcharging of battery
  • Forced Discharge

The jauch test and certification centre

Cordless, portable and mobile devices are increasingly in demand by the market. The performance of modern batteries makes this possible and creates unimagined freedom in the design and application of battery-powered devices.

In addition to performance, the safety of battery-powered devices and, above all, the battery, is crucial to the success of these products. The regulatory authorities are aware of the potential dangers and have created standards to test for and rule out any potential hazards. The transport test according to UN 38.3, for which the United Nations issues its recommendations, is the basis to which all relevant countries worldwide adhere for transportation. We carry out all individual tests in accordance with UN 38.3 ourselves and issue the corresponding test certificates.

Thoroughly tested
– also according to your criteria

At your request, we demand that our batteries comply strictly with the regulations of the IEC62133 or UN38.3 certification standards, or we can work with even stricter standards that you specify: Our test and certification centre tests and documents for you exactly what our batteries can withstand.

Convincing Advantages

From the initial consultation to certification - the complete service for your battery from a single source. So you can be sure right from the start that performance and safety are a match. And we can not only promise you this advantage, but also prove it in a short space of time: With the new Jauch test and certification centre.

Fast and flexibel Certification

The advantages of having our own test and certification centre are obvious: we can adapt to the customer's schedule, we are more flexible and, above all, we can ensure smooth certification as early as the battery development phase.

Short paths to performance and safety tests

We can carry out performance and safety tests as early as the trial phase. In the new Jauch test and certification centre, all relevant test equipment is available in every phase of the project.

Reliably optimizing time-to-market

Play it safe right from the start: Every battery project benefits from the know-how and experience gained in the test and certification centre. In this way, short time-to-market values are reliably achieved.