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Interesting know-how around frequency control products and battery technology

Welcome to the Jauch Know How section of the website! Here you will find technical knowledge and interesting content in the form of e-books, whitepapers and documents relating to frequency control products and battery technology.

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Frequency control products
Whitepaper: Quartz Crystals in Theory and Practice

Can you imagine a car without steering wheel? A tower clock without a clock face? Hardly! Although both examples involve only one of many components, they are indispensable for the [...]

Your checklist for a successful re-design of an oscillator circuit

The trend towards miniaturization of larger components often presents developers with difficulties. Discontinuations and delivery problems also were a problem in the [...]

Document: Recommendations for source impedance termination using HCMOS XOs

When using crystal oscillators with an HCMOS compatible output signal, impedance mismatches may occur. It happens, when a low source [...]

Document: Handling Notes for Quartz Crystals

Generally, Quartz crystals are designed to be quite insensitive to environmental conditions. Nevertheless, it is possible that the component may be damaged by incorrect handling during transportation [...]

Document: Handling Notes for Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Quartz crystal oscillators are designed to be quite insensitive against environmental influences. Nevertheless, there are some points to be considered when handling them so that the [...]

Document: Quartz Crystal Manufacturing Process

How is a quartz crystal being produced? Are real rock crystals still used in the production process? And how long does the entire process take? This document clearly describes which production steps [...]

Whitepaper: Jauch Crystals for IoT Applications

The buzzword IoT (Internet of Things) is on everyone’s lips. The megatrend is about wireless communication between devices. In particular in the industrial sector, companies are focusing on the [...]

Document: Crystal Circuits and Optimization

The design and optimization of quartz crystal circuits challenges developers. After selecting the appropriate quartz crystal, the circuit must be built accordingly. A number of parameters play an important [...]

Document: Determination of the oscillation safety factor

The oscillation safety factor describes how fast and safe a quartz can oscillate in its circuit. This document explains how to determine this factor and also provides a table for easy interpretation [...]

Document: Determination of the Crystal Drive Level (Crystal Power)

For the lifetime of a quartz crystal, it is important that it is not overloaded. The drive level is a parameter that describes the load of a quartz crystal. This document explains how the power of [...]

Document: Stop-Function vs Tristate-Function

This document describes and explains the differences of standby modes in Jauch VX3 and JO75 5.0V and 3.3V quartz oscillators [...]

Document: Jauch Lead Free and RoHs Matrix

This document provides a structured overview of the characteristics of Jauch quartz crystals with regard to RoHS and REACH conformity. The degree of moisture sensitivity and [...]

Battery Technology
Whitepaper: Safety Electronics and Battery Management for Lithium Batteries

Safety is an important topic when it comes to the lithium battery technology. Incorrect handling of lithium batteries can lead to severe consequences such as fire or explosion [...]

Your Checklist for a successful Battery-Re-Design

Are you facing a re-design of an existing battery solution or a completely new battery development? This checklist will help you keep track of all the necessary process steps and decisions [...]

Whitepaper: Properties and Advantages of Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries

Lithium thionyl chloride batteries are characterized by their high energy density and cell voltage. In addition, the low self-discharge rate brings some advantages for certain applications [...]

Whitepaper: Introduction to Lithium Polymer Battery Technology

They are lightweight, flat, powerful and variable in design and capacity: lithium polymer batteries. These and other advantages make them suitable as a power source for numerous applications [...]

Whitepaper: Guide to the design of Lithium Polymer Batteries

Due to their variable designs, dimensions and capacities, lithium polymer batteries can be integrated into almost any housing. It is therefore all the more important that the battery is suitably [...]

Document: Safe handling of lithium batteries

For development, production and transport of lithium batteries there are many regulations that have to be considered. This document provides an overview about the lithium technology as well as [...]