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VCTCXO clipped sine

JT series

Jauch JTxxV temperature-compensated crystal oscillators with voltage controlled frequency (VCTCXOs) are perfectly suitable for wireless and telecommunication applications. Because of their very high frequency stability, they are also suitable for various other industrial, telecom and consumer applications. Due to their clipped sine output they have very low power consumption.

VCTCXO clipped sine


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IoT wireless applications need particularly tight frequency stabilities across the full operating temperature range. The Jauch JTxxV VCTCXO series supports the abovementioned applications by different package sizes and various supply voltage ranges. Noteworthy is the low phase noise level, since no PLL is used to generate the output frequency. Furthermore, the output frequency of these VCTCXOs can be fine-tuned by a voltage connected to the VC pin.

  • VCTCXO with excellent frequency stability
  • Particularly suitable for IoT and other wireless applications the IoT sector, such as Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, ISM or IEEE802
  • Low phase noise as no PLL is used
  • Analog, continuous temperature compensation
  • Frequency adjustable via voltage input
  • Also suitable for industrial and consumer applications
  • Clipped sine output for very low power consumption
  • Available in package sizes 3225 and 5032
  • 100% lead-free, fully RoHS and REACH-compliant

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