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Jianghai Aluminium Electrolytic

Capacitors Jianghai has grown since its foundation in 1958 to become the largest Chinese manufacturer of Aluminium Electrolytic, Film & Super (EDLC) Capacitors today. While Jianghai began with the production of specialty chemicals (e.g. Electrolyte solutions), they moved to production of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors in 1970. More recently Jianghai extended its production range by integrating high and low voltage anode foil etching and forming facilities, also plastic film manufacturing. All factories are located in mainland China: the most important are in Nantong (north of Shanghai) and Inner Mongolia. Jianghai has expanded rapidly following their entry into the stock market in 2010. Jianghai has over 1500 employees producing more than 4 billion Capacitors annually, generating revenues in excess of 260 million USD.

Jianghai’s product range comprises of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors in Screw Terminal, Snap-in, Radial, Polymer (Leaded and SMD). In 2012 the product portfolio was complemented by a range of Power DC Film Capacitors & EDLC Super Capacitors. Recently Lithium Ion Capacitors and AC Film products were launched.


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