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Sabine Wolf, Nicole Ysebaert and Silvia Gloning organised the project 

3,000 euros donated to Doctors Without Borders 

In June 2017, company owner Thomas Jauch celebrated his 70th birthday. Many guests came to the celebration. Among them were Jauch’s friends, business partners from all over the world, members of the Schwenningen LIONS Club, Jauch Quartz GmbH employees from Germany, France, Great Britain, and the USA, and employees of MES Electronic Connect GmbH & Co. KG.



Three employees from Jauch Quartz GmbH and MES Electronic Connect GmbH & Co. KG had a great idea for the special occasion. Sabine Wolf, Silvia Gloning, and Nicole Ysebaert printed pads of paper and bars of chocolate with pictures and sayings typical of Thomas Jauch, which guests were able to purchase during the celebration by making a donation to the relief organization Doctors Without Borders. The idea was very well received by the guests, and the anniversary celebration was inspired by the donation project. Thomas Jauch has committed himself to social projects. The project collected 3,000 euros, which were donated to Doctors Without Borders.


The international organization Doctors Without Borders provides medical emergency relief in crisis and war zones and runs aid projects of various kinds in more than 60 countries around the world. The organization has already received the Nobel Peace Prize for its work and commitment to people all over the world.

Doctors Without Borders provides not only basic medical care but also emergency surgical services, works to combat epidemics, carries out vaccination campaigns, runs nutrition centers, provides psychological support services, and educates local medical workers. In addition, the relief organization treats infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and Kala Azar, and ensures supplies of clean drinking water, food, housing, and other emergency supplies when people need these to survive. The employees of Jauch Quartz GmbH and MES Electronic Connect GmbH & Co. KG, as well as all of the guests at Thomas Jauch’s birthday celebration, are pleased that with their donations they were able to make a contribution to the important work of Doctors Without Borders.

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