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Mobile lithium energy storage systems from Jauch.
Independent. Versatile. Flexible.

Power banks and power storage units from Jauch combine high capacities with modern designs including the latest technology trends, and advanced safety functions. Avaliable in different variations to suit your specific needs.

JHB36AHB Powerbank


Power banks with high capacity and DC, USB and USB-C outputs.

JES1500WHA Powerstation


Power stations for high capacity applications via USB, USB-C and AC outputs.


Portable solar panels are the perfect solution for those who want to generate self-sufficient energy, while on the move.

Q&A General

Most airlines allow you to take lithium batteries that do not exceed 100Wh into the hand luggage of an aircraft. Product-specific information can be found on the back of your power bank. Contact your airline for specific information, as there may be different regulations between airlines.

Some airlines allow you to take two power banks with up to 160Wh in your hand luggage. Please refer to the website for the respective airline's regulations.

If the power bank is connected to compatible devices, the power bank can provide more power so that the connected device can be charged faster. 3.0 references the third version of this technology.

Yes, the USB-QC3 outputs can also be used to charge incompatible devices. These will be charged with the standard power.

To calculate this, you need to know the voltage of your device. For example, if you use the Jauch power bank JPB50AHB with 185wh and a laptop with 45watts, the battery life will be calculated as follow:

Runtime = Watt power bank / Watt Device -10%

Runtime Example = 185 Wh / 45W-10% = 3.7 hours

This means that the JPB50 can power your laptop for more than 3.7 hours.

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