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We have been successfully dealing with mobile power supply for your applications since 1974. Our expertise in the field of batteries make us a popular development partner. We will provide you with customized battery packs, rechargeable battery systems and a variety of batteries which are available from stock.

Customized battery systems with a battery management system.

Jauch provides complete solutions for your battery system according to your requirements. Standard cells and customized packs, from simple cells to intelligent battery packs for the most demanding applications. We take into account special design requests and all relevant safety aspects.

Jauch lithium ion batteries

Wide range of lithium polymer batteries for fast design-in available from stock.

As a leading manufacturer of customized battery solutions, we offer lithium polymer batteries of the highest quality. The available space for the design-in of a battery is often limited and sometimes already predetermined before the first contact with the battery assembler. Thanks to our wide range of lithium polymer batteries, you can select the battery that is best suited for your application, even at an advanced project phase.

Versatile Jauch lithium polymer batteries

Detailed certification and transport expertise for your application.

Are your products subject to international approval regulations? A certification of the battery is often required for approval of your application. We ensure that the battery reliably meets the industrial and approval requirements.

All internationally required certifications can be performed. And of course, our lithium batteries are also tested for shipping according to the worldwide UN38.3 standards. 

Certification and transport expertise for your application provided by Jauch.

Core competence movies - Reliable energy for your application


The optimum power supply for your application

Jauch provides complete solutions for your battery system according to your requirements. Standard cells and customized packs, from simple cells to intelligent battery packs for the most demanding applications.

Safety in Series

Advanced, international standards apply to the production of small and medium series at Villingen-Schwenningen and on the production lines in Asia.

We can assist your development with short delivery times since we do prototyping at our production facility in Villingen-Schwenningen. Experienced battery specialists will support the design of your individual battery solution.

Production of customized battery packs at Jauch in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Manufacturing in Villingen-Schwenningen

Jauch production in Villingen-Schwenningen: Customized battery packs for medical or safety technology or the automotive industry, for example, where special requirements often have to be met, are manufactured here in ESD-protected rooms.

Jauch produces battery packs in large series.

Figure Production of Large Series in Asia

We assemble large series at our modern production lines in Asia. Moreover, the assembly of the safety electronics and battery management systems takes place there. Production in fully automated manufacturing facilities guarantees consistent high quality. 

Blister packaging of button cells at Jauch.

Blister packaging machine in Villingen-Schwenningen

Jauch is one of the largest independent manufacturers of blister packaging for button cells. We produce proprietary label blisterpacks in small production runs or up to millions of units with our fully automated packaging line.

RELIABLE ENERGY “Made in Germany”

Whether prototype, sample or production of small and medium series, Jauch will provide “Made in Germany” quality.

Selection of secondary cells by Jauch.

Cell development

Safety and function of our lithium batteries come first. Therefore, we support the development of cell specific requirements from the start and can thus set individual priorities. Specific requirements can be controlled by us during cell development.

Modern testing methods at Jauch.

Modern equipment

The right equipment creates safety:

  • ESD equipment
  • Long and short term cycles for determining the performance for systems up to 50.1 V (100A)
  • Thermal and climatic stress, vibration, drop tests
  • Charging and discharging tests
  • Simulation of predefined test scenarios (such as aging)
Climate or temperature testing of batteries at Jauch.

Special tests

Jauch has special testing environments, in which custom applications or extreme environmental conditions such as climate or temperature fluctuations can be simulated. Thus, the battery’s functionality can be tested in advance even in extreme climatic conditions.


As a known consignor and longtime partner of the electrical industry, we know how to get your batteries and packs safely to their destination. The UN38.3 certification is just as important to us as the regular continued education of our employees in the area of logistics.

  • SAP/3 controlled paternoster warehouse
  • Our status as a “known consignor” ensures that our solutions can quickly and safely get to you.
  • Transport safety through compliance with internationally accepted standards
  • Supporting our customers in compliance with the mandatory statutory
    transport and storage regulations


The specific regulations (ADR, IATA, RID, IMDG) are complied with during the transport of our batteries. Industry-specific tests, such as for the use of our batteries in medical devices or under ATEX conditions, can be performed.


Our employees are instructed in compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations IATA/ICAO - TI and know how lithium ion and lithium metal batteries must be packed and labeled with or without equipment for transporting by road, sea, and air, and in compliance with transport regulations. Moreover, they know exactly what accompanying documents are required, and how to draft them correctly.


Jauch marks all batteries with the required symbols before delivery. Furthermore, any batteries purchased from us can be returned to us to get passed on to thedisposal specialist. 

Batteries have to be disposed of properly in Germany according to the Battery Act (BattG) (and likewise in many other countries as well, because the BattG is based on a European directive). Batteries are collected at retail locations in containers provided for that purpose. Batteries should not be disposed of in any other waste collection containers or in the environment because they contain contaminants and recoverable materials.


Quality provides security

Our production know-how is also evident in quality assurance. We do regular audits of our suppliers as a matter of course and we get ourselves certified regularly.

Quality management

Measures to ensure and improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

Quality management

  • Internal audits on systems, processes, and procedures
  • Audits at production facilities
  • Supplier audits

Components qualification

Extensive quality tests to ensure that materials and components are safe to use.

Components qualification

  • Internal qualification of all components possible
  • Extensive testing facilities
  • Determining the reliability performance indicators of specific components
  • Compliance with the RoHS / REACH guidelines

Components examination

Quick and thorough analysis of components in terms of functionality and durability.

Components examination

  • Analysis of components and circuits
  • Special measuring equipment for comprehensive tests:
  • Mechanical, electrical, climatic tests, X-ray analysis
  • 8-D reports and detailed analytical reports within a short time
  • Monthly evaluation of the QA metrics

Checking of incoming and outgoing products

Continuous quality control of materials used and products manufactured.

Checking of incoming and outgoing products

  • Inspection of incoming products according to AQL standard
  • 100% test
  • Tests according to customer specifications
  • Temperature range exams

QA training

Regular training sessions in order to maintain the consistent quality Jauch is known for, even for new developments.

QA training

  • Continuous training of staff at the headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen


Complying with international standards of quality management and environmental management – also for the automotive industry.




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