Christian Büchler, Head of Technical Support, answers all quaetions about quartz crystals and crystal-oscillators

The watch quartz crystal is something like the “classic” among the quartz crystals. Its frequency is always exactly 32,768 Hertz. But why this value? This question stands at the beginning of our new series “Ask the Engineer”, in which we shed light on the technical background of our frequency control technology. The answer to our

The new crystal oscillators JO22 and JO32

If you want to equip your product with an oscillator, and there is hardly an electronic application that can do without, you must define the operating voltage of your application first because oscillators are usually “calibrated” to a specific voltage value. A precise frequency requires a constant and predetermined working voltage. If deviations occur, the

Jauch Frequency Control Products

“Frequency control products have become indispensable in our daily lives. Without them, we would not be able to tell the exact time, the washing machine would not know when the laundry is ready, and in traffic, we could not safely turn left because the turn signal would not work. We are proud to be able